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Knowing your audience is key to digital marketing success. We help you reach specific audiences in the right place, with the right message, at the right time, and with greater accuracy than ever before.
Decreased Costs
Digital advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. With better customer segmentation, your advertising budget will go much further because your cost-per-click will decrease significantly.
Increase Your Sales
Together, we improve your ROI and increase customer loyalty though more sales conversions. Discover the benefits of using data-driven marketing to get better results from your marketing efforts.
Analytics > Strategy

Long-term relationships are based on trust and understanding. To earn and keep the other party’s trust, you have to understand their needs, and make adjustments where you can.

A huge part of these relationships is figuring out what works and what doesn’t. ANALYTICS performs this role in maintaining and building new relationships with customers by measuring the performance of your online campaigns.

The ability to monitor and collect data for analysis is what makes digital media so much more powerful than traditional media in terms of determining your marketing returns on investment.

Leveraging the Power of Data

Data already plays a big role in digital marketing.

Such data is the equivalent of military intelligence, which is information gathering and interpretation to inform the decisions of the top brass. As vital as this intelligence is, many businesses neglect to measure the effectivity of their communications. These businesses not only lose out to competitors, but waste valuable marketing resources as a result.

NEO360 provides you, the commander-in-chief of your company, with the data and analyses you need for the planning and execution of your marketing strategy.

SOURCE: Google Analytics
SOURCE: Google Analytics
Customer Behaviour Analytics

Customer behaviour is also covered by the marketing intelligence provided by ANALYTICS. You’ll gain insight into why your customer base as a whole behaves the way it does online, with data that suggests answers to questions such as

  • Why do customers spend so much time on a particular page of your website?
  • Why do they leave another page so quickly?
  • Which web browser are they using?

Once analysed and correctly interpreted, the answers to these queries would enable you to make business-boosting adjustments to content or site design on a page with a high bounce rate, for instance. The data may even suggest ways you can enhance the very products or services being featured on a page.

Our Process – Get More From Google Analytics
Using Google Analytics is second nature to us at NEO360, as a Google Partner with Google AdWord-certified team members. You know that we keep close tabs on how your website and your campaigns are doing.
1 Define Your Goal
Step 1 is to define your goal. ANALYTICS is what determines whether your campaigns succeed in reaching the goals that you have set for your brand.
2 Analyse Your Data
Step 2 is to analyse your data. We analyse data across different digital marketing channels to provide business owners with benchmarks to measure their own success.
3 Data Reporting
Step 3 is data reporting. You’ll receive reports along with recommendations for making sure that you get all the benefits from your digital marketing strategy.
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