Can Your Customers Find You On Google?

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Our focus is on one thing: delivering increased revenue to your business from your website. To achieve this, we use a blend of organic SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) and other forms of paid search advertising.

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Local SEO

We help you set up your website in a way that will enable it to rank higher in Google search results within your local, geographic community. Your website will receive relevant traffic that converts into leads and sales.

Pay Per Click

Get more leads from your paid traffic with our proven Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign optimisation & management strategy. You’ll get higher conversion rates and more business in return.

Improve your ROI

Together, we build your brand loyalty and increase your sales. With over 10 years of experience, we manage your SEO & PPC campaign so you can focus on growing your business.

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Search > Comparison

The digital marketing landscape is no place to play hard to get. In other words, when customers come looking for you, you’d better be easy to find.

Almost 40% of the world’s online shoppers use search engines to look for options. SEARCH makes it easier for your brand to be found online, and to show your customers why you, and not your competitor, are the better buy. You get the opportunity to stand out from the myriad options clamouring for your customer’s attention, and stand a better chance of making a sale.

Organic Search

Organic SEARCH uses keywords, relevant content, and techniques like backlinking and link building to help your brand become more trustworthy in your customers’ eyes. This increases the likelihood of their clicking through to your website, and eventually choosing your brand.

When combined with creative, evergreen content, organic search also helps your brand to continue ranking highly in search engine results.

SEO - Search Engine Marketing - NEO360.Digital
Search Engine Marketing - NEO360.Digital

Paid Search

Paid SEARCH, on the other hand, benefits your brand in several other ways: it lets you compete with other businesses, regardless of size, on a more level playing field in terms of advertising expenditure.

As the largest provider of online Display Advertising, Google AdWords is also the largest PAID SEARCH provider. With AdWords, you will also find it easy to measure your returns from PAID SEARCH. You’ll even be able to test ads to see if they work before running an actual campaign.

Our Process – Integrating SEO & PPC

As a Google Partner with AdWords-certified team members, NEO360 has the know-how to help you get the most out of your SEO and PPC Campaigns.


1 Define Your Goal

Step 1 is to define your goal. Examples of goals include getting leads, enquiries or email subscriptions. “Increase vs your current conversion rate” is how we define success.

2 Set Up Your Campaigns

Step 2 is to set up your SEO and PPC campaigns. We design and optimise your landing page, write ad copy, perform an SEO audit, plan your link building strategy and implement your plan.

3 Test & Improve

Step 3 is where the results start to come in. Like anything else, your SEO and PPC campaigns must be audited and maintained regularly to ensure they remain fully optimised.

We’ve helped them, and here’s what they say

I have been a client of NEO360 for 8 years. It’s great, affordable and the company is extremely attentive to our needs as well as an expert in SEO – hence why we have stuck by NEO360 for all E-Comm initiatives.


Rena Sharma
Managing Director, Esteem Cosmetic Studio

“Fantastic standard of work and always professional. Most importantly, NEO360 understands business owners and their needs. My projects with NEO360 are investments, not expenses!”

derrick-seeto-neo360-digital-client-testimonial Derrick Seeto
Founder and Co-CEO, Pink Parlour Group

Can Your Customers Find You On Google?

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